William P. Mahrt, PhD Prof. William Mahrt teaches Medieval and Renaissance music at Stanford University, and directs the Early Music Singers there. His scholarship centers upon the performance of Medieval and Renaissance music, and he has written on the relation of music and liturgy, music and poetry in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and and on Gregorian chant, the music of Guillaume de Machaut, Guillaume Dufay, William Byrd, Orlando di Lasso, and Johannes Brahms. He gives workshops on Gregorian chant and on Renaissance music around the country, and has lead many tours on music and liturgy to English cathedrals. Dr. Mahrt was a founding member of the St. Ann Choir in 1963, and has been its director most years since 1964. He is president of the Church Music Association of America and editor of its journal, Sacred Music, the oldest continuously-published music journal in the United States. A collection of his essays, The Musical Shape of the Liturgy was published in 2012. This last Fall he has given lectures on music and liturgy for the Lumen Christi Institute of the University of Chicago. For an article on Dr. Mahrt, go to http://www.stanfordalumni.org/news/magazine/2003/marapr/showcase/noteworthy.html.